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MG Cosmetics
Brow Henna
Top Tips

1. Pre-Cleanse is key

with brow spoolie brush

  • Without complete removal of makeup, excess oil and dead skin cells, results are patchy/uneven Henna Brows
  • Thorough brow cleanse with brow spoolie brush and a foam or oil free cleanser is Essential (brush cleanse 1 minute each brow)

2. Even Consistency

Mix Henna to smooth

  • Super smooth consistency is necessary for an Even Henna Staining
  •  Mix Brow Henna just before the application and ensure there are no powder particles remaining
  • If Henna thickens during application, add extra drop of activator

3. Outline

Create Brow Border

  • Henna is key to creating your desired brow shape as it not only dyes brow hair, it also stains your skin underneath
  • Start on the lower brow line then top arch to brow tail, these are areas you want the darkest stain

4. Layer Stack

Intensify Brow STain

  • Build thin layers of Henna on top of each other on areas where you want to create more depth and a darker stain
  • Same applies requiring a lighter section i.e start of brow, one thin application and blend 

5. Make them last

Avoid getting brows wet

  • Keep Henna Brows DRY for 24 hours after Henna application, not only that if you want your Henna brows to last, Best Tip, try to avoid getting them wet as much as possible, avoid the gushing daily shower water going over your face/brows while showering and perform a facial cleanse after shower cleansing around the brows